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Thursday, May 14, 2009

New at Germany's Dortmund Zoo

The Los Angeles Times combines facts with fascination in this charming story about some new lion cubs at the Dortmund Zoo in Germany. The little guys are pretty doggone (or should we say catgone?) irresistible. Did you know that all females in a lion pride work together to protect and feed all the cubs? Because multiple females can catch more food than a single mother could catch, all of the babies eat better and stay healthier. Let us know if you have any interesting lion cub info you'd like to add to what we can learn here:

The Top Ten Animal Movies of All Time

What should they be? And what are your favorites? Following is a list of beloved animal movies nominated by Animal Planet as the best critter features of all time. Do you feel they forgot anything? Right away we ask, what about Charlotte's Web?

10. Dr. Doolittle (1998)
9. That Darn Cat (1965)
8. Free Willy (1993)
7. Eight Below (1996)
6. The Jungle Book (1994)
5. The Yearling (1946)
4. Fly Away Home (1996)
3. Babe (1995)
2. The Black Stallion (1979)
1. Old Yeller (1957)

Disappearing Act of the World's 2nd Largest Fish Explained

Science Daily magazine is reporting that basking sharks--second in size only to whale sharks--have been discovered "hiding out" for half the year in the tropical waters of the western Atlantic. Until now, no one knew why the sharks "disappeared" during the winter months, or where they went, but new satellite-based tagging technology has determined that they are migrating at depths of 200-1,000 meters--which explains how they have gone undetected in the past. For more details, check out the full article: